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A variety of boating experiences are on offer from full on fast racing to sedate trips up the lake in company with one of our experienced volunteers with the swallows, herons and kingfishers to watch. All appetites and tastes can be catered for in our specially adapted boats. We have a hoist which can be attached to the pontoon to aid people unable to transfer safely unaided. For those who don’t want to transfer we have a powerboat with a drawbridge facility which enables a wheelchair user to access the boat and enjoy a trip up the lake.

Bright pink! This boat can be fitted with servo assisted electric controls and is great fun to sail. Here you can see Tilly sailing Barbie, her favourite boat. Because of the servo assisted electric controls Tilly can sail the boat using
a joystick controler. The boat can aslo be rigged to allow any sailor, no matter what disability, to be able to sail it. Even sailors with total imobility can sail Barbie using a sip and puff servo unit. It also can have a deep bucket seat to offer support to the sailor.

Our Safety / Work Boat

Which is on stand by when people are sailing. It is made of a durable and strong plastic material and has multiple buoyancy compartments. The “drawbridge” at the front lowers as shown to allow a wheelchair user to board the boat (with assistance). There are aeroquip tracks embedded in the floor to restrain a wheelchair. The bridge is buoyant enough to allow a person and wheelchair to cross.

We have 2 safety Boats, when we have a wheelchair or passengers on a safety boat then the other must be on the water providing safety boat cover.

Safety / work Boat

Access Dinghies

The mainstay of our accessible fleet of boats. These boats which can be sailed by one or two people are extremely stable because the occupants sit low in the boat which has an keel which is heavy and deep for the size of boat.

Steering is by a handle (tiller) which is to the side of the occupants and pushed left (port)  for left and right (starboard) for right. The sails are controlled by easily reachable ropes
(sheets and lines)

Access dinghies can seat two people for accompanied sailing,they can equally well be sailed by one person. Many of our boats are sponsored.

Our Hoist

For sailors whose disability makes accessing our boats safely difficult we have a hoist which can be fitted into the pontoon, and is a great way to securely and safely transfer sailors from the pontoon to the boats. Our hoist is suitable for sailors of all shapes and sizes and is operated by trained staff. You will soon be on the water and enjoying the freedom that sailing offers.
Dragon Boats

Dragon boats are twin hulled 12 man canoes with a walking platform between the twin hulls. A helmsman sits at the rear with a large oar that is used to steer the canoe. These boats are great fun and ideal for groups to get out onto the water. Disabled members can get out onto the water with their friends, carers and peers to really have fun as a group. Rudyard Sailability have a dragon boat race event every summer as a fun day and fund raising event. Please see our events page to see when this years event is taking place. If you would like to try Dragon Boat racing then contact us to arrange it for you.

Dragon Boat
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